Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Almanac of the Toronto 2019-2020 Reading

Catherine Starr and the Toronto Cast of
The Oracles from the Living Tarot
October 27, 2019

About Oracles from the Living Tarot and the Almanac for 2019-2020

The ritual-play, Oracles from the Living Tarot, was first performed for Samhain, October 31, 1998. In some ways, the first production of LT felt like an old movie. “Let’s put on a play – we have an old barn!”  In this case, our “barn” was the beautiful Unitarian Church in Palo Alto, California and the cast and crew were all friends recruited for this adventure. It has since been performed for many years at PantheaCon in San Francisco and San Jose, as well as performances in San Diego and a 6-run stage production in Oakland, California. Since 2017, Catherine Starr, the creatrix of the Oracles from the Living Tarot, has directed three productions in Europe. The Canadian premier was in Toronto on October 27, 2019.

The heart of the piece is community reading from the people who bring the Tarot cards to life and share their insights. The reading is for a year and follows the thirteen full moons and eight Sabbats of the Pagan Wheel of the Year. The names of the full moons are based on some traditional and my personal observations of the year,

This Almanac provides the reading done by the Oracles from Living Tarot production on October 27, 2019 in Toronto. In addition to the cards and the words their words, Lydia Sirhawk provides astrology for each of the full moons or Sabbats.

It is my hope that you can use some of the information provided by the cards and astrology to fill your life with magic.


Catherine Starr
November 2019

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