About Cat Starr

Cat on the beach in Rio
Cat on the beach in Rio

I am a traveler. I love traveling and experiencing new adventures. The more I travel, more photographs I take. So I got serious about my photography and have some small success. One photo of Cape Horn is in a museum in Sweden, one photo of the Prada Museum in Madrid is in a book and I won a prize for one photo of the Cathedral is Palma de Majorca. Fellow travelers have called me “paparazzi” because I seem to take pictures all the time!

I am also a tarot reader and created a play, Oracles from the Living Tarot which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2018 with performances in California and Scotland.

For my day job, I am a travel consultant and an information manager, although mostly I am a dreamer looking for ways to help others achieve their dreams.


9 thoughts on “About Cat Starr

  1. Just to wish you a merry xmas and hope you are keeping well no adventure plans for me at the moment waiting on which ship my dear friend is going to be waiting on

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