Oracles from the Living Tarot: History

LT Poster 2003

I was one of the founding members of a San Francisco Bay Area theater company, Magical Acts Ritual Theater.  The company worked to combine ritual and theater into the products we did Starting in 1997, I began creating a concept for doing a live tarot reading for a community of people. This became the basis for the piece Oracles from the Living TarotThe concept is to bring the twenty-two standard Major Arcana cards to “life” before an audience and create a community tarot reading for the year. As part of the ritual-theater piece, the cards are invoked, shuffled, and then chosen to represent different times of the year. The calendar of the year was created by using 13 full moon and eight seasonal holidays which gives us 21 plus a final outcome card, giving us all 22 cards in the Major Arcana.

Between yearly productions since 1998 and workshops, there has been a at least one tarot reading from the Oracles from the Living Tarot every year since the beginning of creating this ritual-theater piece. Full productions have been done at PantheaCon several years running as well as in San Diego in 2001, Reno in 2002 and Oakland in 2003. Workshops have been done in Toronto, Canada and in Volterra, Italy. Since 2015, productions have been done in Germany, Scotland, Poland and Toronto.

In this blog, I will write more about the overall experiences and will give people who have participated in this process a chance to share their insight and experiences.

In order to show just some of the productions, here are some of the past performances from YouTube.


Recent Performances

Germany 2017 (private event)

Toronto 2019

Silver Circle International Harvest Celebration 2020 (private event)

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