Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Imbolc Feb. 1, 2020: The Star

The Star
The Star

Get quiet, get still…
Gaze inside yourself and witness a twinkling spark of light
Shining in that tender place, naked and vulnerable
Luminescence only seen in the deepest and darkest hours of the night
In your mind’s eye, your soul’s brilliance shines bright
Step into the waters of life and let yourself flow
Rolling in the tides with breath like the ocean
Surrender to transformation in the arms of the mother
Drink deep from her inspirational potion You find peace and clarity, you radiate devotion
And when you emerge from the Her magical trance
Find your path and begin the dance Moving gracefully to becoming who you are
As you are guided by her light, The Star Danielle Greenidge

Astrology: The Sun in Aquarius sextiles with Mars in Sagittarius, the Moon in Taurus is waxing and it will sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. This day has a feel-good vibe. Where you will be able to start a project by connecting to an ideal that you hold dear in your heart. Take some time to feel grateful for all those things you have worked hard to achieve, gratitude develops your good fortune.