Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Mourning Moon, Full Moon Dec. 12, 2019: The World

The World
The World

I am the world – always present, always surrounding you. Always a constant but always changing… change is coming! A new cycle will begin for you… All that you hold in your heart as being dear to you will change, your life will change and with it, the world as you know it! It is difficult to see at present, but will soon be clear and defined and unavoidable. Hold on to your hat – a change is coming on the wind, on the waves. In the light and in the earth beneath your feet. Are you ready? Ross Carter

Astrology: Sun in Sagittarius opposes Moon in Gemini, inspiring us to make changes in our lives, change our ideals, our ideas, our views on spirituality. Mercury slips into Sagittarius so travel and higher study help you find a new path. Mars in deep feeling Scorpio trines with Neptune, so sex magic is very powerful should you choose to use it.

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