Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Leaf Moon, Full Moon May 7, 2020: Justice


Sweet Justice abides in your eleventh hour Lay down that gauntlet, while you balance your power with a blade of fire, shine truth on the matter, be blind to agendas, fake news, and the chatter. Face these mortal storms that we weather together. And mind you, Karma’s a bitch, and she comes with a tether. Learn to discern, make your case with great care. Consult with your conscience and dare to be fair. Seek balance within and without in this life. Find grace in your choices to counter the strife. Take what you need and give what you can. Your values must hold to the laws of the land. Be at peace with yourself, your austerity in measure. Place your heart on the scale, is light as this feather? Angela Michieli

Astrology: Sun in Taurus opposes Moon in Scorpio, this is a full moon full of passionate feelings and yet there is a great need for personal freedoms. Aim to have fun during this time and try to keep things as light as you can. This isn’t a good time to make a commitment even though some people will really desire one. It’s good to step back and see the bigger picture, rather than only focusing on your own experiences.

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