Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Cold Moon, Full Moon Feb. 9, 2020: Temperance

I am that point in which Light and Darkness meet in perfect harmony and create the perfect union. I am the balance sought in life and realized in action. When things seem out of hand remember me. Slow down, breathe and bring the elemental energies back into balance. Fire and Water – Air and Earth; the forces that live in you and guide you need to be balanced to ensure perfection in all things. In my soul, peace and harmony live, and to others, these blessings I freely give.
Daniel Fallows

Astrolgy: Sun in Aquarius opposes Moon in Leo, inspiring us to think outside the box, to be different and to stand out. The Moon trines with Mars in Sagittarius so great things can be achieved and there is a big boost of energy at this time. Venus and Chiron connect in Aries allowing us to start to heal old wounds, especially romantic ones, and this is a great time to start a new relationship, so long as you are aware of your past and how it affected your ability to love and to receive love.