Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Storm Moon, Full Moon March 9, 2020: The Lovers

The Lovers
The Lovers

We are the Lovers
We have been here since the beginning
We will remain for eternity
The unification of our duality creates
(M) Healing
(F) Compassion
(M) Choice
(F) Trust
(Both) Connection
(M) I am Force
(F) I am Form
(Both) And together, our passion & love make the universe manifest
We are the Lovers
Georgina and Paul Johnson

Astrology: The Sun in Pisces connects with Neptune, this is a very magical and powerful full moon! The Sun opposes a Moon in Virgo, so clean up, organize and then make room for a big new dream. This moon sextiles with the Stellium in Capricorn offering you immense power to accomplish the impossible. Roll up your sleeves though, you will need to work hard in order to manifest that dream! Venus and Uranus join up on Taurus, shaking things up romantically and creatively. Be prepared for surprises.