Oracles from the Living Tarot, Toronto 2019

Hunter’s Moon, Full Moon and Samhain Oct. 31, 2020: The Tower

The Tower
The Tower

And so, the lightning strikes.For I am the Tower, and it’s time for your tower to fall. Your false truths… Your distorted realities… Your spurious beliefs… I bring an end to them all. I am the destroyer of worlds, here to set you free. A loving and gracious chance to start over, I come in the disguise of catastrophe. So, dry your eyes and tend your wounds. The time to rebuild arrives soon. Isabelle Ford

Astrology: A lunar eclipse, a blue Moon and Samhain — so much going on during one day! The Sun resides in the dark realm of Scorpio and opposes the Moon in Taurus, which also conjuncts with Uranus, so expect a big shakeup, disagreements, uprisings, emotional compassionate people verses the ruthless ambitious types. This is a tornado of intense energy. Magically it can be harnessed, so tune into your intuitive powers to guide you through this stormy energy.

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