In many ways, this year’s challenge was much easier for me for many reasons. This year, I planned a more concentrated theme as compared to last year which was a collection of some of my favourite travel stories.  I had also just returned from my  trip to Cuba and this gave me a fresh outlook on my experiences. In addition to planning the daily posts, I actually pre-wrote and scheduled publishing of each. That made such a difference, as I was able to write and add photos when I had more time and then not worry about publishing – it was automatic!

I really enjoyed sharing my stories of Cuba, since it is a unique travel destination and one that some people may never get to experience. My challenge was to keep some of my own ideological viewpoints in check because I was not writing from a political viewpoint, but from a travel perspective. It was sometimes hard to hide, though. I was also very careful in how I described some of the unique, traditional religious practices. Fully discussing Santeria beliefs and practices would fit in a different blog and not necessarily one on travel. That said, I hope that I did honour the tradition in some very small and simple way.

Here is a re-cap of my A to Z Challenge: my travelogue of Cuba!

A = Autos

B = Beaches

C = Callejon de Hamel

D = Dolphins

E = Evening at the Tropicana

F = Farms

G = Guards

H = Havana

I = Isle of Youth

J = John Lennon

K = Kicking back with rum

L = Laundry photos

M = Malecon

N = Negril, Jamaica

O = Opsibo Street

P = Pottery business in Trinidad

Q = Quirky transportation

R = Revolutionary Heroes

S = Santiago de Cuba

T = Trinidad, Cuba

U = Unity Bears

V = Vieja Havana

W = Walled fortresses

X = “X”tras in Antilla, Cuba

Y = Yemanja and other Orishas

Z = “Z”-end

Thanks for going on this journey with me!