PIn Trinidad, Cuba, there is a private pottery business run out of a family home.  The Santander family started this pottery business in the 1890s and it still runs out of the family homes around Trinidad. In 2007, UNESCO recognized their work with a Master Artisan award.

You enter the back of the family house, directly into a pottery showroom. The day I was there, a large dog was asleep near a counter and a parrot in was in a cage near some pottery chimes. Soon after we entered, an elderly man walked up a pottery wheel, and demonstrated how to make the pottery cups that you will find in bars all over Trinidad. I picked up a small bowl, which costs only $2 CUC. I should have bought more but I did not know how much would fit in my luggage! They have a wall of pictures that show many of the famous people who visited the shop.




Here is a YouTube video that tells more of the story of this pottery business.