C is for Callejon de Hamel in Havana

CI visited this very special community centre on my second day in Havana. It is a centre for Santeria religion in Havana as well as a vibrant community hub. The artist Salvador Gonzalez painted the huge murals of Yoruban Orishas on the walls of this small alleyway in Central Havana in order to help revitalize a very poor community. In the middle of the alley is an area that is partially covered and gives the space a place to hold functions – such as rhumba drumming on Sundays from noon to 3 or other events, like the children’s plays I saw the day I visited. In addition, a small art gallery and shop sells paintings by local artists and CDs of music made by the local drumming community. It is a unique explosion of colour and community – and I loved the energy of the place.  While the Sunday drumming may bring in many tourists, it is much more than a tourist stop to the local community.









Here is a video of some of the dancing that occurs on Sunday afternoons.


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