ESince 1939, the Tropicana in Havana has created over-the-top shows. Over 200 performers – dancers, singers, musicians and acrobats perform under the night sky. As we entered, there were musicians entertaining us with classical and popular music. We received a glass of champagne to start the evening. There was a light breeze as I watched stars starting to appear in the sky and waited for the show. Just before the show started, servers brought bottles of Havana Club rum and colas; buckets of ice were on the tables. Now, with a (few) proper Cuba Libre, it was time for the show to begin!


Here are some of the pictures I took from the show.

IMG_0914 IMG_0968 IMG_0986 IMG_1005 IMG_1022 IMG_1240 IMG_1311 IMG_1437 IMG_1484 IMG_1573 IMG_1609 IMG_1626