This is the first chance I’ve had to reflect on this year’s A to Z Challenge because before it was officially over, I started my next travel adventure!

This was was my third year in doing the challenge. I do it to try to write more throughout the year and become more disciplined in writing my blog. Does it work? Well, it does help me plan more about my topic and get a better focus. However, I don’t seem to maintain a more consistent writing habit.

And, as I mentioned at the top, the challenge ended as I started on a new adventure. I did not have a good opportunity to update a blog “on the go”. Part of this is I am too busy exploring new places. I really want to get away from some of the technology and immerse myself in the process of traveling. But, I do have lots of notes on places you may never have heard of before!  So, for the next few weeks, I will begin to share new experiences about my latest travel adventure.

My advice for others on this challenge is this:

  • Plan!!!
  • Write ahead of time
  • Schedule your posts for automatic publishing
  • Be creative — some letters are harder than others!
  • Have fun!

Here is a review of my 2016 A to Z Challenge:

Until next year … don’t just dream, do it!