A to Z Ports: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the busiest cruise ports  in the Mediterranean with many cruises starting or ending there and some spending an extra night or two because there is so much to see. There are several cruise ports in Barcelona, however most larger ships dock at Adossat Quay Terminals. There is no direct way to get there, except by taxi. If you are docked for the day — or longer — there is usually a shuttle bus that will take you to in front of the World Trade Centre, which is a stopping point for the two hop-on hop-off bus services. It is also a quick walk to Las Ramblas and and Port Vell.

Barcelona ports

Smaller ships may dock at the World Trade Centre Terminals.  This is a special treat because you don’t have to take a shuttle or taxi — you get stuck in traffic when the bridge is “open” to allow for ships to sail through it. I’ve docked in Barcelona several times and only once did my ship dock at the World Trade Centre Terminal.

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