F = Food shopping in Barcelona

FJust off Las Ramblas, in the heart of the Barcelona, is its oldest market, Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boqueria. It is where many of Barcelona’s top chefs as well as the general population shop for the freshest food. It is also a busy tourist destination. In addition to all the food stalls, there are a couple of cafés. The boqueria is very busy, so one of the best ways to visit is with someone who can tell you its best-kept secrets.


 La Boqueira

La Boqueiria

My guide was a chef who teaches at the Cook and Taste cooking school. The tour of the boqueria was the first part of our cooking class – a trip to the market to buy some of our ingredients. There seems to be a stall for everything, from eggs in many different sizes to different varieties of olives to one that only had meat from bulls. (NOTE: at the time I visited, these were the bulls killed in the bullfights, so I do not know if it is still there now that bullfighting is outlawed in Barcelona.)

Egg stall at La Boqueira
Egg stall at La Boqueiria
Olives stall at La Boqueira
Olives stall at La Boqueiria
Stall that sells meat from bulls at La Boqueira
Stall that sells meat from bulls at La Boqueiria


There is one section just for fish.  This is where we purchased the fish for our paella and learned the difference between male and female cuttlefish, along with a secret to buying the best tuna for sushi!

Stall that sells meat from bulls at La Boqueira
Learning about buying fish
Fish stall at La Boqueira
Fish stall at La Boqueiria
Crabs & shrimp at the La Boqueria
Crabs & shrimp at the La Boqueiria

Everything is very colourful – and interesting!

 La Boqueira meat stall

La Boqueiria meat stall

Here is more on my cooking class experience.

One more: F = FC Barcelona! (Anyone who knows me knows this is my other passion!)