X is for “X”tras treats at Antilla Cuba

XYou probably won’t find Antilla on a map of Cuba. It is a very small village in Holguin Province. It is mostly a farming and fishing village and, for the past couple of years, a port of call for the Cuba Cruise. We used ship tenders to get to a very small dock — always an interesting experience!


Waiting for us on the dock was a group of dancers and musicians. They were very good and fun to watch.  It makes you feel like everyone in Cuba can dance — they sure had great moves!




Local craftspeople set up shop along the road leading out of the port and into the little village of Antilla.The village itself is trying to rebuild from the devastation of a hurricane. One building that appeared to be intact was now used as a local lunch place.  Someone I met on the ship went there for lunch and really enjoyed it.


The rest of the village had small houses with yards filled with gardens, chickens and an occasional goat.  As with everywhere in Cuba, there were old cars as well as horse-drawn carts in the streets.






IMG_1657[1] IMG_1669[1]

It was fun to see this village and talk to the people that lived there.


    1. While it was a very real experience in the countryside, I wouldn’t say other experiences were less “real”. Cities will always seem contrived in comparison to smaller communities, however I tried to seek out different experiences. I didn’t elaborate on my experience with the band and dancers at Cafe Europa, but I spent several hours with them, talking and learning about their lives in the city. I keep mentioning Callejon de Hamel and was glad I did not go on Sunday when they have a show for tourists, but on a Monday where schoolchildren had gathered to present their class projects. I wish I could have done more, but I know I’ll go back. Cuba is unlike any place I’ve been and I definitely left a piece of my heart there.

      Thanks for taking the time to read each of these posts. I am honoured and humbled.

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