N is for Negril

NLeaving Cuba for a brief moment, the Cuba Cruise sails to Montego Bay. This stop provides an opportunity for people who can fly directly to Cuba to embark on this cruise.


For me, it was a beach day.  During that stop, I took a shuttle bus drive one hour up the coast to Negril – known for its beaches and several bars, including Margaritaville and Rick’s Café.

Margaritaville is located on a nice stretch of sandy beach.  Once you are there, you can rent a beach chair or a cabana. You can order food and drinks from your chair, or you sit at one of the indoor of outdoor bars.  There is also a gift shop.



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Lunch is nachos and a margarita
Lunch is nachos and a margarita

Rick’s Café is about a 15-minute drive further up the coast – and up a hill – from Margaritaville. It is famous for its sunsets and cliff-diving.  In addition to it lounge chairs, bars and gift shop, it also has a pool.









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