My Continuing Havana Story

I last left you sitting with me in Café Europa.  If it seems we’ve been there a long time, trust me, we were – or at least I was.  This is not a “fast food” establishment – the waiters will get to you when they get to you.  The food is plentiful, drinks are good and the entertainment cannot be beat. However, every pleasant afternoon needs a little more variety.  So, after saying my good-byes to the band, the dancers and paying my extremely reasonable bill, I headed back to the streets, wandering along – and in and out of various marketplaces. Interesting things I encountered…

An old drug store

Johnson Drugstore

A marvelous statue of Sancho

Sancho statue


A woman wearing white and blue grabbed my hand and kissed me on the check. She was dressed in a similar fashion people who practice Santeria and I felt blessed by the ocean.

The Floridata Bar – home of the daiquiri

Floridita Bar

Of course, I saw classic cars!

Classic cars in Havana

Monuments and beautiful buildings







Ending the day with a glorious sunset – and a mojito (of course).


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