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Mystery Cruises #AtoZChallenge


So, why would someone pay to go on a mystery cruise; get on a ship and head to ports unknown? Since I love to cruise, this sounded like an interesting opportunity to sail into, well, mystery! I’ve now done two of these cruises and both on the Braemar.  I really like this ship. It is a smaller one and feels like family. It is very easy to sail solo and meet lots of friends on this ship.

On the first cruise, we sort of knew where we were going. The passengers were given a choice and we voted for one port or another — but we did not know where we were going until we got there! Here are the ports we visited:

Porto, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Cartegna, Cadiz, La Coruna

The second mystery cruise was truly a mystery — one that would include only maiden ports (ports where our ship had never visited). It was very strange not to be able to plan or research the ports we were going to, nor to be able to know exactly what to pack — for warm or cold! The cruise was early May, so it was hard to plan for everything. It started in Dover and we waited to see if we would turn to go north … or south (or if we could even trust that, in the night, the ship would change directions!). As it turned out, we continued North and thus we began a cruise that went to Norway, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.


The ports included:

Larvik, Hundested, Nyborg, Fredercia, Wismar, Lyskil

Would I go on another one? It would be hard to keep me away!



Dover #AtoZChallenge


Dover is, of course, known for its white cliffs — and the only way to really see them is from the sea. Dover was the port for me to start my Mystery Cruise — and it gave me a great way to view something I’d always wanted to see.

Time to set sail into a mystery … we have no idea where we will be tomorrow.

My Continuing Havana Story

I last left you sitting with me in Café Europa.  If it seems we’ve been there a long time, trust me, we were – or at least I was.  This is not a “fast food” establishment – the waiters will get to you when they get to you.  The food is plentiful, drinks are good and the entertainment cannot be beat. However, every pleasant afternoon needs a little more variety.  So, after saying my good-byes to the band, the dancers and paying my extremely reasonable bill, I headed back to the streets, wandering along – and in and out of various marketplaces. Interesting things I encountered…

An old drug store

Johnson Drugstore

A marvelous statue of Sancho

Sancho statue


A woman wearing white and blue grabbed my hand and kissed me on the check. She was dressed in a similar fashion people who practice Santeria and I felt blessed by the ocean.

The Floridata Bar – home of the daiquiri

Floridita Bar

Of course, I saw classic cars!

Classic cars in Havana

Monuments and beautiful buildings







Ending the day with a glorious sunset – and a mojito (of course).