At sea in the Atlantic Day 7
What can I say about a day at sea? Slept in a bit, went to the gathering for members of Cruise Critics and met a few people I’d been chatting with on the website, sat by the pool. I watched a game of pool volleyball with members of the crew facing off with guests and I went to a talk by a naturalist on the different animals we will see in this next few ports of call. I did take a nap before our first formal dinner at sea. I like the dressing up part! Some people really go “over the top.” A woman at the table next to us had this very strange hat –and we got her to pose with the hat on (yes, pictures to follow). For dinner I had a smoked salmon appetizer, salad, and then our waiter surprised us with an “intermezzo” of a raspberry-cinnamon sorbet to ”clear the palate.” This was followed by the main course, rack of lamb, and dessert, cherries jubilee. Then I went to the captain’s gala toast and the show — I actually made it this time and sat with Carol and Brian. Then I found my dinner mates in the casino – winning $100 on a five dollar investment on a penny slot machine. Don’t ask how I did with $5. There was dancing – and I ran into my new friend in the hat who said I should join them since I was alone (I think she is from Brazil). I finally decided on a nightcap at the Martini ”ice” bar, since my new favourite bartender was there to make me my special tequila mango drink –we are calling it the Mango Star. I think this is a perfect way to spend a day at sea.