Punta del Este Day 6
I was woken up early, thanks to the tenders below my room that were lowered to take us to shore in Punta del Este. I tried to fight it, be decided to get up and go to breakfast and learned there were a lot more selections if you walked through the dining room towards the back. Interesting discovery! The coffee however did not wake me up, so since I had no plans for the morning, I caught a little cat nap before heading to the tenders and the beach that waited.
The beach was beautiful; however this port of call reminded me a bit of Cannes, France – a beautiful, lots of condos and high-end shopping near the beach. I decided to just walk along the beach and take some pictures. I watched a lab puppy go to the beach for the first time. He seemed to kind of know that he should like water, yet the wave thing was not nice and the taste of the salt was just wrong! He was very cute. I did not feel a real need to stay long, so I headed back for a bit of lunch – I finally found the pasta bar! And time at the pool before getting a hot stone massage. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Of course next was dinner with my new family. I had escargot, salad with walnut vinaigrette, blackened Cajun rib eye and another chocolate dessert. I decided that tonight I was going to find my own bartender. So, I went to the Martini Bar that has a “counter” cover with frosty ice to see if anyone could match my favourite one from my last cruise. The lead bartender is Marko from Croatia. I told him what I liked –and he developed a tequila drink with real mango (and I’m not sure what else). I also met a couple from Halifax Tara and David. David headed off to the casino and Tara and I spent the rest of the evening talking – and I missed the show again! I really enjoyed talking to her and finding both commonalities and advice on different things. During the course of the night, Marko had to leave and his replacement could not duplicate the drink. When Marko returned, he told me not to worry; he would be there to make my special drink from now on.
After that, it was time to call it a night.