D = Denmark

A to Z Ports = Denmark’s Capital, Copenhagen

In many ways, the cruise port in Copenhagen feels like a small one, even though it is deep and can dock larger ships. Most ships, especially ones that are only in port for the day, will dock at Langelinie Pier. This dock is about a mile from the city centre, but only a few hundred feet from one of the most famous attractions in Copenhagen: the Little Mermaid statue.

Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid

It also has a line of shops and places to eat along the way. There is also a hop on, hop off bus stop at the ship that will take you to all the important stops in the city itself. At one of the main squares, you can visit one of the royal palaces, shop, find great places to eat and take a canal cruise.

One warning – bicycles rule the road!  So remember to watch for them and be careful wandering across squares and open spaces!

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