A to Z Ports: Cartagena, Spain

The sail-in / out for Cartagena, Spain is beautiful and gives you an understanding of why this port is so important to Spain. It is large, deep and much protected. The hills surrounding it have several fortresses that blend into the rocky landscape and, while they may look worn-down, are still partially in use to protect the harbour.


Because this is a deep harbour, all sizes of ships are able to dock very close to the city centre – just walk off the ship!

Along the pier, you will find restaurants, a nautical museum and a harbour tour. If you cross the boulevard, there is a tourist office that can sell a number of package tickets, including a hop on, hop off bus. The bus can give you an understanding pf the city’s layout and a stop to the elevator that takes to you a castle that overlooks the entire city and harbour.

 You can easily walk to the entrance to the Roman theatre and a city centre. The museum is usually closed on Mondays, however both times I docked, it was supposed to be closed, yet it opened just a little latter than the posted time because there was a ship in port.

I love how easy this port is to navigate and find your way around.  It is not crowded and the people are amazing. It has become one of my favourite ports of call.

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