Kronberg Castle is also know as “Hamlet’s Castle.” The first time I cruised in this area, I sailed by the castle on the way to Copenhagen.

Kronberg Castle, setting for Hamlet
Kronberg Castle, setting for Hamlet

On the Mystery Cruise, we docked close to the castle and I was able to finally go into the castle. It is perfectly situated at a place to stop ships sailing on their way to the Danish capital — perfect for collecting tariffs.

The outside fortifications are impressive, with several types of fortifications surrounding the castle.


Inside, there are large rooms and hallways that lead to a ballroom that is the entire length of the area facing the sea. I thought is would be very cold in that room, as there was only one, albeit large, fireplace at one end.

As for Hamlet, This castle has so many nooks and crannies — places to hide and towers to climb. It could definately be a place of secracy and betrayal.