The fishing village of Fjällbacka is famous for two people who lived in this otherwise sleepy fishing village — and you will not be able to miss them! First, it is the home of Camilla Läckberg, an author of crime novels. You can buy her books everywhere in the town. She is known for featuring the town and some of its inhabitants in her books.

But that doesn’t,  really fit for today’s letter, which is I. That brings me to the other famous person who called Fjällbacka her home: actress Ingrid Bergman. Her summer home is located on a island just off the coast. Unfortunately, you cannot see the house because it is on the opposite side of the island. But everywhere else in the village, you will see signs of her. It is said that she enjoyed the peace of the town and being able to live quietly. There is a little garden dedicated to her near the port.

During my visit, we had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant she frequented, Bryggan. It was a delicious meal,  with fresh, local fish and topped by the best coffee I had on the entire mystery cruise. Someone watching me drink is said it looked like I was having a religious experience — yes, it was that good!

This would be a lovely place to spend a few months in summer — peaceful and beautiful.  I can see why Ingrid Bergman choose this place to be her second home.