I was up very early on this fourth day of Braemar’s Maiden Ports Mystery Cruise. Why? I happened to see a very familiar bridge — one I saw on a previous cruise at midnight (and yes, I was standing topside on the deck, in a formal, taking pictures!). This time, I would get the photos at sunrise — and I think they came out quite nice!

We still did not know where were headed on our Mystery Cruise. Pulling into port, I thought I saw a Swedish flag — but I was wrong.  We were back in Denmark and this time on the island of Fyr (Funen) and the town of Nyborg. I also caught a glimpse of two porpoises but they were camera-shy (and I was just a little too slow).Nyborg is a city that has a 12th century Castle. it is also a nice port for exploring many different sites on Fyr island.

My tour this day took me to Egeskov Castle. This is a very unique castle that is still used as a family residence. It is surrounded by some amazing gardens and has several exhibits in the buildings surrounding the castle. I could easily spend an entire day just walking through gardens!

The castle can be divided into two separate buildings with the idea that, if half if it is attacked, the family can move into the other half and block entrance to this through a series of very thick walls.

And, the gardens are wonderful!  One of them is very interactive as it combines the senses with the addition of musical instruments that anyone can play — including chimes that will add their music with each breeze.

The town of Nyborg is also very welcoming. Once in the city centre, it is an easy walk to the castle and the surrounding park. The Nyborg Slot (castle) is much plainer than Egeskov Castle. It was clearly designed strictly for defense with it’s thick walls and small windows. I also loved walking around the park and the city centre with its unique architecture.

We were again welcomed by very friendly people who provided lots of information about the places to see. Yet another very special place to visit!