May 10

Toronto to London

A new adventure begins! I’m sitting in the departure area for British Airways in Toronto Pearson Airport and what a change! There are tables and chairs – each table has 4 plugs for electronics and some come with iPads for free use. How cool is that! Now, I can comfortable sit, drink my last Timmies (my first ice cap of the “season” to celebrate this wonderful weather) before heading off to London. If all goes well, I should meet my mother at the luggage pick-up in Heathrow. She checked in and was on her way to the airport in Houston a few hours ago, so it looks like my plans are coming together (I REALLY hope I remembered everything!).

From Heathrow, we will head to Southampton to board the Ruby Princess for a cruise around the British Isles. I did consider picking up some wine at the duty-free to have on board, we are allowed to bring 1 bottle each with us, but my carry-on is a little more cumbersome than usual. I may still change my mind.

Our pilot just sat down next to me – guess it’s a good sign that he is here early and they won’t have to find someone to fly the plane!

So, here’s to another adventure!