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A to Z Challenge: X, Y, Z

A to Z Challenge: X, Y, Z

XX = ?

I tried to come up with an appropriate X word, and nothing seemed right. I feel I failed, even though I made it this far in my challenge. The only idea that really got my attention was more along the lines of “X marks the spot” and “Xrossing the sea” – but I already did a post on crossing the Atlantic and the Equator in a ship.

So much for X.

YY = “Your own”, as in travelling on your own or “solo traveler”

While I usually say I started as a solo travel in 2009 with my first solo cruise, I really started out as a solo traveler in my early teens when my parents would put me on a train in Galveston and I would be met by my grandparents in Keokuk, Iowa. Not sure why we did not worry about me travelling like this for so long, but I did and I had some wonderful adventures on the train – usually with the conductors showing me around the train. I also did a few business trips and usually added a few days before or after to explore – on my own.  This got me to Paris, London and Munich.

While I do not think cruise ship lines should charge extra for solo travelers, if the list of ports is interesting, I will find a way. Cruising allows me to “test the waters” of different places and I learn which ones make me feel comfortable and which ones I’d like to see again. Since my first cruise, I’ve made other trips based on places I want to experience in more detail – Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Amsterdam to name a few.

Now, I have trouble even considering travelling with a companion. Doing it “on my own” gives me the flexibility I like. I can get up early and go to museums before they get busy – then take a nap in the afternoon before heading out to a local venue for a nice evening. I have taken one trip with a friend – and this year I have a plan to take 2 trips that are not solo (one with my mom and one with another friend).

We shall see how I do going it NOT on my own, but with someone else. I am, starting to plan for adventures in 2015 – and yes, these will be on your own!

ZZ = Zed, aka the end of the line

At least for this challenge, this is the end of the line for these posts. My next set of day-by-day travel blogs starts in less than 10 days!!!!! And yes, I am very excited to share this adventure with my mom, who has never traveled outside of North America.

he plan is we will meet at Heathrow Airport as long as our flights on pretty much on time. From the airport, we head to Southampton to board the Ruby Princess. The rest of the itinerary looks like this:

  • St. Peters Port, Guernsey
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Inverness, Scotland,
  • Orkney Islands
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Le Harve, France
  • Southampton to London

So, don’t just dream it, travel!

Me with an espresso
Me with an espresso


  1. I have loved reading your A-Zs and I love your love of solo travel. I’ve done some solo travel, mostly business trips. Thankfully, I have a live companion and we travel well together…Plus sometimes our kids still join us, which is great! I do agree that being able to do exactly what you want to do without worries is a great reason, and hey, your so successful at it. Your trip with your mom sounds awesome…I love that part of the world!

    1. Thanks! Your comments helped me keep posting! I started travelling solo because I got tired of waiting or looking for someone to go with. I’m looking forward to my trip with my mom, but it will be different. I’ve been to England several times, but not Ireland or Scotland, so I am looking forward to that!

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