A to Z Challenge

So, I’ve been very lax at posting anything since I returned from my trip to Europe last summer. The winter in Canada this year has been harsh — worst one I have been through since I moved here — so I haven’t been too inspired.  I need something to help jolt me out of this and start writing and preparing for my next adventures.  So here is the plan.

Starting in April, I am going to try the A to Z Blogging Challenge. While, of course, most of my posts will be about travel, who knows what else will spark my thoughts. In May, I start another travel adventure. This time, I am taking my mother on, what I hope will be, her dream tour of England, Ireland, and Scotland (with a brief stop in France for me). And, to wrap up the travelling for this year, I will join a friend of mine for a trip to the Canadian east coast.

So the next 3 months should make up for my winter hiatus!

Here are my favourite full moon pictures taking in May while sailing in the Baltic sea.

Full Moon
Full Moon Reflection
Full Moon
Full Moon
Full Moon
Veiled Full Moon

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