Lazy day on the Celebrity Constellation

Day 7: Another lazy day on the Celebrity Constellation
It should have been a nice, lazy day, and for the most part, it was since it was another sea day. But you know how excited you get when you are preparing for an adventure and you’re not quite sure how it is going to go and you’re just really, really excited? Well, that was my day – could not sleep because I was really, really excited. The next few days constitute the highlight of the cruise: Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg and Tallinn!

So, after breakfast, I went to solarium to read – and was able to sleep on a lounger chair in the nice, warm and quiet atmosphere of the solarium. The solarium is always my favourite place – after my own room. It is nice and warm and, if you get there early, you can get a soft lounger.

When I woke from my nap, I remembered that I had received a special invitation – in fact all the Canadians on-board received this special invite to the Canadian Ball Hockey Tournament! The manager of Guest Services is from Montreal and he sent out this personal challenge to beat him in ball hockey. I figured I had to at least cheer people on – so I headed up to the main club where they had setup a goal and the Guest Services Manager was decked out in goalie gear and a Habs jersey. The staff all wore Team Canada shirts. We got to shoot 2 balls from a designated area and try to make a goal. Anyone who got a goal received a medal for “beating the goalie.” One guy from Quebec decided to do a “shoot-out” style run at the goal and, even though he got a goal, he was disqualified (I thought that was unfair – he did

Ball hockey on the Celebrity Constellation
Ball hockey on the Celebrity Constellation

a great job running to the goal and psyching out the goalie). It was a lot of fun and the room was packed. There are a lot of Canadians on this cruise – and a few people who just wanted to have some fun.

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to take a backstage tour in the main theatre. This was led by a couple of the ship’s production singers and dancers. We got to go on stage and into the dressing rooms. We  saw the number of costumes they have for the 3 production shows performed during the course of the cruise. We also got to see some the props including a large dragon.

Backstage with the Dragon on the Celebrity Constellation
Backstage with the Dragon on the Celebrity Constellation

Dinner, of course, was good. My table has some great company with couples from Ohio, Australia & New Zealand. Main course for me was the rib eye with blue cheese and dessert was NY cheesecake with chocolate sauce.

After dinner was a 50s party, complete with sing-along trivia, dancing and drinks provided by one of my favorite bartenders. Now … the real marathon begins!

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