Prado Museum

Sunday in Madrid

I started my Sunday in Madrid at the Prado Museum.  I wanted to get there early so that I could miss lines and maybe some of the crowds.  Having a Madrid Card helped as I could go directly to the entrance without any lines or hassles!

Prado Museum
The Prado Museum

I also decided not to focus on seeing the “best of the Prado” but just to wander and experience the museum.  Did I miss any of the highlights of this massive museum?  I do not think so — but does it really matter? This was my time to journey and just experience the art my way.  I was moved by Albrecht Durer’s self portrait and r by seeing a copy of the Mona Lisa (one that has been determined to have been done by a student of di Vinci), and then there are the amazing Goyas and Velazquezes etc … I wandered for several hours just drinking it all in.  It took my breath away!

But after being indoors for the morning, it was time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I kept my “wandering” mood as I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens, which are next to the museum.

Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens

I decided to spend the rest of my day the may many people from Madrid do on a Sunday afternoon — I headed over to Retiro Park.  As soon as I walked in, I found the special garden that was planted to remember the victims of the March 11, 2004 train station bombing. It is called the Bosque del Recuerdo.

Bosque del Recuerdo
Bosque del Recuerdo — a memorial to the victims of March 11, 2004 train station bombing

Continuing through the park, I had to see the only Plaza in the world dedicated to the Fallen Angel, El Angel Caido. It is also a great place to watch people and skaters.

El Angel Caido
El Angel Caido, the fallen angel

Then I wandered to the Christel Palace …

Christel Palace
Christel Palace

And from here .. I just enjoyed the park.  People on the lake, to musicians, puppeteers, psychics … and just people out for a great day.


Boaters on the lake
People in the park
People in the park
Retiro Park
Lake at Retiro Park


  1. you’re in Spain … that’s quite a hike your on … sounds like you’re having a great time. I went to the Louvre today and to a reading at Shakespeare and Company that was really inspiring. Hat’s off – to you & dancing shoes on

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