Finding inspiration on a grey day …

It’s a grey day.  At 9:30 AM, there is no sun — only clouds. No rain, no snow, nothing to soften the greyness that surrounds the buildings and threads its way down narrow streets.  It is just a grey day.  Then I look at what I am wearing: grey shirt, grey pants, even grey boots. The only thing that brightens my look are the red-framed glasses I am wearing.  How does one find inspiration on a grey day?

Yes, I am looking for suggestions on this one.  How do we keep from rolling into the fog that appears to engulf everything in its path?


  1. Hi Cat:
    Isn’t it funny how we do tend to wear dull clothing on dull days? I’d never thought about it before.

    My best source of inspiration on dull days is exercise. I’m into Zumba these days and can tell you. You’ll never feel dull after Zumba! Just moving and shaking it to Latin and other upbeat music with other smiling faces is enough to turn around any day.

    Toastmasters is another thing that lifts my spirit no matter what. There’s something about TM that attracts very positive people.

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