I walked outside early this morning to catch my bus — and as I did, I saw the most beautiful colours in the sky!  Deep violet and indigo with clouds making different shapes and highlighting the different colours.  If took all I could to stop myself from running inside to get my camera and capture this moment.  But something told me that even a minute or two would change the image I was gazing out — and it was better for me to draw inspiration and create a memory of this beautiful site.  It slowed me down so that I was not rushed as I walked to my bus stop and waited for the inevitable crowding that comes with using transit. 

However I have this image etched in my mind’s eye.

As I read the morning Metro paper, there was the Picture of the Day.  It was called Deep Purple and it showed a purple carpet of flowers blooming in the desert.  This only happens every five years or so — given the right amount of water and sunlight. The photographer, Guy Tal, said this about the picture “Five years after conceiving the image, I was at last able to capture it.”  Maybe five years from now, I will be able to capture the image of my violet sky. The idea is now planted in my brain — like a seed that needs nurturing.  This is how I draw on passion day-to-day — images, thoughts and feelings safely tucked away until I can explore the depths of them at my leisure.

I now have this image etched in my mind’s eye — and it has given me an inspiration for the future.