Last Day at Sea Day 16
This morning, there was a staff talent show – Celebrity’s Got Talent – which was a lot of fun. At the end, they brought up as many of the 950 staff members as they could for us to applaud and give our thanks to this great crew. I can honestly say this is has been the absolute BEST cruise I have been on. After the last one, I had a few complaints – this time I have nothing but praise. I think part of it was due to the fact that the senior officers and staff managers were so visible throughout the cruise and very approachable. I really got to know people better (or maybe I’m just learning more about how to get the best). Of course, no waiter will ever be better than my Oscar from the Brilliance of the Seas – but Herman and Diana were great and he made excellent suggestions.
I sat at the coffee bar – Café al Bacio – for an espresso and to try to connect to the internet to update my blog, etc., but internet connections were a bit “iffy’ as we cruised up the Chilean coast but I was finally able to get some updates out. I also made it to the final tango class of the cruise before I thought it was time to pack.
This was a day of “finals” – final dinner with my new cruise family. Final drink at the Martini Bar with Marko, final hug from my favourite officer on the ship, final show in the theatre and final night to dance with my new dancing partners –and even meet some new ones.
This has truly been the BEST cruise. I am going to miss so many people – but I have a lot of pictures and a lot of memories to keep me going! Thanks for everyone who made this trip so special!
Now I am off to Santiago, Chile!