Still a rockin’ Day 14
The ship’s still a-rockin’ in the Pacific –I feel like I’m surfing, except when I am lying down, then it is a gentle rocking that puts me to sleep. AHHHHHHH…
The main dining room had their Brunch Spectacular – wonderful food, ice sculptures, carved fruit – it was really over the top!
The rest of the day I spent at the thalassotherapy spa pool –falling asleep in one of the lounge chairs after floating in the pool –allowing the waves of the ship move me like a dance partner. It was a really interesting experience to just float.
We finally entered the calm waters of the Chilean Fjords – what a difference! The water was like glass and there was no “up and down, side to side” movement of the ship (I no longer felt like a California surfer). So our third formal night was very nice. It was also Lobster and Baked Alaska night! Woohoo!
The evening show included performances (music and dance) from around the world. As I entered the theatre – a group of people yelled “Toronto”! I looked at the stage where there was a screen that was running a trivia game for “places in the world” and the question was “Where to you find Yonge Street?” I sat with my fellow Torontonians as we played the game –they decided I was pretty good because I was answering questions before the multiple choice options appeared. The show was really nice, featuring Bangkok, France, Italy, Ireland, Africa, USA and Russia.
The tango group hosted a milonga-type evening in the Constellation Bar. I thought it was good for people to see the difference between “show” tango and the club tango. While I did not get to dance with one of the professionals, my friend from Bulgaria asked if I did the tango, so I did get to dance. He then introduced me to his wife and one of two sons who were cruising together. After the tango hour, the bar did a “dancing through the decades – and every 20 minutes we celebrated “new year’s”. It was a cool way to get everyone dancing and just having a good time (I think there is video of me doing the jive, although I am not sure I will share it!).