Rockin’ and Rollin’ on Day 13 through the Chilean Fjords and the Pacific Ocean
It was another lazy day to sit and read. I like this kind of day! We are now in Chilean waters, which mean the casino is closed (great news for me as I’m not a good gambler – as in I get bored AND I do not win). We were actually darting between islands – then heading out to the open sea. For some reason, I remembered that the reason the Pacific Ocean got its name because it was “calm.” Think again! I did not realize how rough it was – or how cool – until I walked across the main pool area and it was closed. The thalassotherapy pool was open – but the way the ship rocked, more water was on the deck than in the pool!
So I took a Salsa dance class which was great until they wanted everyone to partner up – and not having a partner made the rest of the class well … a bit lonely.
So, I took a nap and had a weird dream of an earthquake – I really felt the earth shaking – but I think it was only the stabilizers on the ship working overtime. At this point, we were in the open sea and it was rough. On my way to dinner, I ran into one of my favourite officers on the ship – he had just told someone where they could get some Dramamine. He asked how I was doing and I said “great – this feels like I’m surfing”. He said I must be the only guest on the ship feeling good – and he liked that – and asked if I was a California girl, which yes, I once was…
I really enjoyed dinner tonight: Pheasant Terrine, Lobster Ravioli, Argentinian steak and lava cake. After dinner, I was finally able to connect to the internet and post some updates – which I did while sitting at the martini bar drinking my own special drink, thanks to Marko. There was a lot of activity, as they were setting up for the “White Night” party – with entertainment all around the ship. Once everything was setup, in the main foyer, there was a Salsa band and Marko was “front and centre” showing is bartending “flair.” And I danced wherever I found a spot! At one point, 3 of the ship’s photographers were flashing pictures of me. The casino was also open, so my dinner friends went there and won over $160 on a penny slot machine. My other favourite bartender, Rowena, was working in the Martini bar and made my other favourite drink – so I was doing fine with the rockin’ on the ocean.
I decided to check out one of the other bars. They have a good house band that plays more “popular” music. Not as many people – and dancing alone was not quite as much fun – but I really did not care because I danced. But after a bit, I headed back to the main area on the ship and joined in with a group of people dancing with the Salsa band. One guy from Columbia danced with me – then a gentleman from Bulgaria came up and said that he was dancing with me next – because he liked how I danced. So I danced with him as a couple people videotaped it. I ended my night dancing with my new friends from Columbia.