Day 9 at sea
Woke up in a fog – and everything was grey – the waves, the sky. And while the temperature was ~21 C, usually my perfect temperature, I think the Southern wind made it feel much colder. I just could not get “out of the fog” in my head. There was a lot I wanted to do on the ship – including a tango lesson – but nothing felt “right.” As for the tango lesson, I think half the ship showed up for it! I also went to the special Captain’s Club reception. The ship’s Hotel Director is Ken, from Toronto (Bathurst & Bloor area). The Cruise Director, Steve, is also from Toronto. I chatted with both, and sat for a bit with some members of my dinner family, then wandered some more. This became a good day for a massage, starting with a dip in the heated thassotherapy pool. The rest of the day was spent looking for a place that felt “comfortable.” Sometimes a cat just cannot find the right spot. I think I finally gave up and got ready for dinner with my new on-board family. It was goat cheese crostini, sweet potato soup, filet mignon and marzipan amaretto.
The evening show was a lot of fun. It featured ship performers, aerialists from Spain (I have pictures!), and juggler/comedian.
Then, they had a competition called “Dancing with the Officers.” Truly a fun time! The “judges” were Ken, Steve (mentioned above) and Pablo, one of the tango performers. There were 13 officers who were paired up with guests. The idea was not really how good you can dance, but how much fun you have – and there are some very crazy officers on this ship who like to have a lot of fun!
All in all, a nice way to end a very foggy day.