I’m still on the topic of passion and tango. I think for most people, tango is one example of a very passionate dance — one filled with emotion. I’ve wanted to learn how to dance tango for a while, however it wasn’t until I started taking lessons that I could even glimpse at the heart of the passion that is tango.  The dance is a communication between two people on a very physical level. When you achieve a balance and a sense of trust — that is where the magic happens! It is not in the showing steps, no matter how intricate and unique, but in the underlying move — and response. After seeing a professional tango show, I could almost be intimidated to ever learn the dance.  That is until I saw one of the older men leading his partner and when I saw the female singer dance a few steps with one of the dancers.  In both cases, there was a magical connection between the partners.

In one of my classes, the women were told to dance with their eyes closed and just let the man lead you.  For me, that was the time I felt I truly tapped into this magical centre or heart of tango.  For me, this is the true passion of tango and what I am striving to learn.