This is my challenge for 2011 — a daily blog where I share examples, experiences or feelings regarding passion and the things that inspire me to passionate pursuits. Nothing is more inspiring to me than when I see someone who has found their life’s passion.  This journey I embark is one where I will write about things that inspire me — and see where these inspirations lead to passion.

Since I am in Buenos Aires, I should write about Tango.  Everyone talks about the passion that is expressed in this dance. then people talk about how hard it must be to learn.  All I can say is that I am enjoying the journey to learn how to tango.  So far, I have found it to be about sharing energy with another person for the purpose of expressing the emotion of the music.  The hardest thing for me is there is no “counts” like 1,2,3.  There are steps, but the “counting” that I am used to doing just does not work as the rhythm changes as the man leading the dance moves through the steps to match the emotion of the song and the energy of the couple.  A friend suggested I read the boo the Tao of Tango — and I am so glad of this recommendation!  There is a balance between the man and the woman — the lead and the follower –the creates the magic that is tango.  It may also create changes in my life as well!

Always remember to dance as if no one was watching — share your joy!