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Q = Queensferry, Scotland

A to Z Ports: Queensferry, Scotland

If you are on a cruise around the UK, the closest port to Edinburgh is Queensferry. But don’t count on a pier! You will dock near the Forth Railway Bridge and have to take tenders to the small dock. From there, you have many choices to finding your way into Edinburgh. The ship will, of course, push for shore excursions, including one called “Edinburgh on your own” which is really just a shuttle into the city. There are alternative ways to get into Edinburgh and you can find out more and this list may be handy. This is what you will see at the port of Queensferry.

So really, most people will head to Edinburgh — and why not? It is beautiful and has a rich history. And I am looking forward to another trip there soon! Here are some of my favorite photos of my time wandering through the city.

If the pictures seem a little foggy, I can blame the day which was grey with a light mist. I thought I was dressed warm enough, but sadly, I was not and I had to find something hot to drink!

I hope you enjoyed my brief trip to Edinburgh. There will be more to come!


I is for Inverness


One of my favoutie things to do when I travel is to simply walk and see what draws my attention in a new place. This is exactly what I did in Inverness, Scotland. I did not try to find the infamous Loch Ness Monster but there were plenty of souvenirs celebrating Nessie (I did add to my apron collection!). Instead, I walked through the town, had a great lunch, and, of course, took lots of pictures. It was a very relaxing and beautiful Spring day.

On the Inverness Castle grounds, I found bunnies (and a bird)!

And, of course, I found a whiskey shop and tried haggis for lunch (which was really good!).

Here is more on my visit to Inverness.