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P is for PEI


Prince Edward Island, or PEI is a Canadian province on the East coast of Canada. It is an island connected by a bridge to New Brunswick. It is a laid-back place where you can enjoy fresh mussels, lobster and other types of seafood, walk along red sand beaches and even re-live favorite childhood books about Anne of Green Gables. Here are some of my highlights of my visit to PEI.

Ann of Green Gables

Acadian Village and Charlottetown

Beaches, sunsets and wildlife

Here are more stories of my trip to PEI: Anne of Green Gables and Acadian Village.

Wrapping up my travels of 2014

As I plan for my next adventure, it is probably good to reflect on my 2014 trips. It was the first time in a long while that I traveled with anyone and this time both of my trips were with someone.

The first was a cruise around the British Isles with my mother — and her first time to Europe. I  wanted everything to be perfect and I  think we both will agree that it was an amazing trip. While we saw some incredible  sights, the best part was traveling with her.

Flowers for mother's day for my mom
Flowers for mother’s day for my mom
My mom at the lifeboat drill with her lifejacket
My mom at the lifeboat drill with her life jacket
Baby ducks we chased near Buckingham Palace
Baby ducks we chased near Buckingham Palace

The next trip was completely  planned  for me by my friend  Marshall. I pretty much left it all to him and it was amazing. I love Canada more and more and the Maritimes are beautiful beyond belief. I still haven’t seen any whales, but I saw a sunset on the beach with a fox, a circle of seals and even got photo-bombed by a seal! The food, music and people were wonderful. Now, I  really need to see more of this great country.

Marshall in Halifax wearing a lobster hat
Marshall in Halifax wearing a lobster hat
Red fox at sunset in PEI
Red fox at sunset in PEI
Seal photo-bombing my sea shot!
Seal photo-bombing my sea shot!
Eagle at Bras d'Or
Eagle at Bras d’Or
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail

I also took part in the A to Z blog challenge. So,  while I am planning for my next great adventure, I’m also mapping out my stories that will start up for the month of April. Of course it will be about travel, but the overall theme will have to wait a few more weeks. Why?  Well, I’m  deep into finalizing my plans to go to Cuba!

Of course, unlike most of my friends who head to an all-inclusive beach resort, I have to be different. My first couple of days, I will be on my own in Havana. Then, I’m going on the Cuba Cruise which sails around the island with stops at Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Montego Bay (Jamaica), Cienfeugos, Punto Francis on the Isle of Youth, the back to Havana. Since I have a lot of freedom to see different things, it means that I’m doing a lot of planning.

So, look for more posts on my planning  and experiences in Cuba and in April get ready for this year’s A to Z  challenge.

PEI & Anne of Green Gables

Ninety percent of the visitors who come to Prince Edward Island make a pilgrimage to the site of Anne of Green Gables and pay homage to the author Lucy Maude Montgomery. Much of the setting and the people were based around her own images of PEI its people. A Canadian national park now takes care of this site.

I remember reading the book when I was young, but the details do escape me. But there is a magic to the book and today, wandering through the house and walking along Lover’s Lane, the Haunted Woods and the Canvendish beach. Here are some of my favourite pictures of my own magical visit to this treasure of PEI.