Choose your own cruise highlights

I have lots of stories and photos to share about my latest cruising adventure. As I posted earlier, it was a cruise where the passengers choose which ports we would visit.  So, where did we go?  Here is an overview of the cruise:

From Southampton, we sailed 530 nautical miles to Leixoes, Portugal and a visit to Oporto.

Oporto, Portugal

Next, we sailed 521 nautical miles to Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

After another 530 nautical miles, we visited Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain

Another 182 nautical miles latter found us in Valencia.


And another 182 nautical miles brought us to Cartagena, Spain.

Cartagena, Spain

After 366 nautical miles, we arrived in Cadiz, Spain.

Cadiz, Spain

We sailed back up the Iberian Peninsula for another 522 nautical miles to La Coruna, Spain.

La Coruna, Spain

Then, we headed back another 368 nautical miles to Southampton. More detailed stories are coming about each of the ports as well as a bit about sailing on the Braemar. It was an amazing trip!

“Choosing” a new adventure

I’m heading out on my next adventure — and this time, I really do not know where I am going.  Ok, I have a clue about where I am going, but the actual stops — that will be up to myself and my fellow passengers to decide.  You see, I signed up for the Fred.Olsen “Choose your Own” Cruise.  Here are the things I know.  I will be on board the Braemar, which is docking on October 10th in Southampton. Then, we are heading to the Iberian Peninsula. After that, the passengers choose where we go!

Here is a list of our choices:

I think this is going to be a fun adventure, so stay tuned for stories about my next trip!